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FSE Academy
Emily Machin / OneSavingsBank


The Changing Face of Specialist Lending

Emily Machin

The mortgage market today looks very different to how it was 10yrs ago. This presentation by One Savings Bank explores the changing face of specialist lending, how there is less of a divide between mainstream and specialist, and what it means for the market.

Jamie Pritchard / Precise


Specialist Lending – Buy-to-let

Jamie Pritchard

Specialist mortgage lender, Precise Mortgages, explores the challenges and opportunities of the buy-to-let specialist lending sector.

Phil Riches / Sales Director – Keystone Property Finance


The impact of HMO and EPC changes on landlord borrowing

Phil Riches

Phil will discuss the recent changes to the buy-to-let market focusing on the recent EPC regulations that came into place on the 1st April 2018 and the new HMO legislation which will be launched on the 1st October 2018. Phil will be touching on how this will affect your landlord’s current property portfolio and new purchases of both licensed and non-licensable HMOs.